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Source Codes

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  • Directory of Scripts destined for Webmasters - Internet & Intranet

Source-Codes for Client-Server Developers and upgrading


Control of Websites, Portals

Blogs, PhotoLogs, Orkuts

Albums of Photographs

Discussion Boards

Discussion Lists

Votes and Surveys

User Support, Help Desk, FAQ

Shopping cart, Auctions

Ads, Banners, Classifieds

Search Engines, BookMarks

Web Rings, Affiliate Programs

Murals for visitors, guests

Internet Relay Chat

Classrooms, Courseware

Projects, Realty, Wiki

SQL, control of DBMSs

Clocks, Countdowns

Webmail, e-Mail Systems

Web forms to e-Mail and DB

Random texts, images

Other scripts, Source Codes

Toolkits, wrappers, widgets, interfaces

Technical support, language packages, translations, upgrades, articles, bulletin boards

Reengineer, Disassembler, Decompiler, Java-to-C, Windows .HLP and Linux

Packages with Apache or another server and PHP, Perl, MySQL, CMS scripts, for Windows and Linux

  • Fast Access Subdomains


Resources from Script Languages:


 Active Server Pages


dynamic HTML


( LiveScript )


Java Server Pages


Practical Extraction & Report Language


Personal Home Page


( object oriented )


Resources from Programming Languages:


 ( low-level language )


COmmon Business Oriented Language


C++ - C plus plus




( applets - servlets )


( Turbo Pascal )


( .NET - VBscript )

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